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Recreational Archery Sessions

If you wish to simply try your hand at the wonderful sport of archery, or continue shooting archery in a social way without committing to doing an Archery Beginners Course and then joining an archery club, then Targeting Archery offers several sessions designed around the social archer.

You always start with a Taster Session where you are taught the basics of how to shoot a bow and arrow safely. If you then want to continue shooting, you can return and shoot at our Come-and-Shoot Sessions where you can practice all that you learnt in the Taster Session on a weekly basis. These Come-and-Shoot sessions are generally split into age groups so that you can enjoy your shooting in a friendly environment of your own piers. There is more information about Taster and Come-and-Shoot sessions below. If you wish to continue archery in a more structured way and learn more technique and archery information, your next steps would be to take an Archery Beginners' Course. On completion of the course you would then be able to join your local archery club.

Age limits

Please note that there is a minimum age limit for our Taster and Come-and-Shoot sessions that are described below.
This minimum age limit is 8 years old.

Please don't ask if there can be an exception for someone younger than 8 years old, because the answer will always be a 'No'.

There is no upper age limit, assuming you are able to safely pull and control the bow.

Taster Sessions

The best way to try out the sport of archery is to take one of our Taster Sessions. No previous experience is required and we will introduce you to a Recurve Bow and our team of Archery GB qualified and experienced coaches will instruct you in the basics of shooting the bow and arrow safely, through one-on-one coaching during the one hour long Taster Session. If you look around you will see that our Taster Sessions are very competitively priced at only £25.00 per person. There is a minimum age limit of 8 years old, but no upper age limit assuming you are still fit enough to pull the bow string safely.

Come and Shoot

After first attending your Taster Session, Targeting Archery runs further Come-and-Shoot archery sessions. This is an excellent way to continue your archery without the need to take a full Beginners' Archery Course. You must complete a Taster Session with us before you can do any Come-and-Shoot sessions so that you have been taught how to shoot safely by us, first.

These introductory sessions allow you to continue the wonderful sport of archery under the guidance of our team of fully qualified Archery GB and experienced coaches. So these sessions are suitable for archers of all abilities, from someone just after completing their Taster Session to existing archers wishing to continue to shoot on a friendly, relaxed and recreational basis, without the commitments of completing a course or joining a club. Come-and-Shoot session are only £15.00 per person for the hour long session.

Session Times and Prices

We only run our Taster and Come-and-Shoot sessions on Tuesday afternoons. They are split into two one-hour long lessons each Tuesday:

  • 1st session:  3:45pm - 4:45pm
  • 2nd Session: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Prices are £25.00 for Taster sessions and £15.00 for Come-and-Shoot sessions which is payable at the start of each lesson or by bank transfer in advance.

If you find that you enjoy archery through these sessions and would like to take it up on a less ad-hoc basis, the next step will be to take an Archery Beginners' Course followed by joining an archery club. Targeting Archery runs several such courses throughout the year. Students that successfully complete the course will then be able to (and encouraged to) join our Targeting Archery Club, or you have the option to join any other archery club in the UK using the Archery Certificate awarded at the end of the course. It is still allowable to continue to come to these Tuesday sessions even after becoming a club member.

See our Archery Beginners' Course page for information on our Archery Courses.

At a Glance Information

  • You must complete your Enrolment Form at least a day before attending your first Taster or Come-and-Shoot session with us. The information on this form is required so that we ensure we bring the correct equipment for you to use during your session and it is also used to provide you with your insurance for shooting archery at our club.
  • If you are not currently a registered member of Archery GB you must complete a Taster Session with us before returning to do any Come-and-Shoot sessions, to ensure you have been taught what you need to know from us before attending any Come-and-Shoot sessions with us.
  • Taster and Come-and-Shoot sessions run on Tuesday afternoons only.
  • These sessions are held at our outdoor range in Scholes. If the weather or conditions don't allow for archery, then they we may be able to use the small indoor hall when there are no more than 4 students coming, otherwise we may have to cancel the session. (Our main indoor hall in Swarcliffe is normally used by another group on Tuesday afternoons so it isn't available as an alternative.)
  • Minimum age is 8 years old (no upper age limit).
  • All equipment and coaching that is required is provided in the price.
  • We are fully insured for Taster, Come-and-Shoot and Kids Club sessions of this nature.
  • Our Child Protection Policy requires that juniors (17 and under) must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult (18+) during the whole session.
  • We reserve the right to make anyone leave the session immediately who does not follow instructions, misbehaves or disrupts a session. Also anyone who behaves as if they are (or we even suspect they are) under the influence of alcohol of drugs will be made to leave.
  • Spaces are limited on each session, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • See our FAQ page for clothing requirements and other useful information.

Junior Archers

We make use of the Taster and Come-and-Shoot sessions to encourage and introduce Junior Archers (minimum 8 year old) into the world of archery. Archery is an excellent sport for both junior school and senior school aged children, because it contains so many beneficial mental and physical aspects to the children, such as: