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Targeting Archery Enrolment Form

If you are interested in doing any form of archery with us, then please complete the following Enrolment Form. The information is used to ensure we provide you with safe and suitable archery equipment and also to arrange your required sporting insurance as needed to perform archery at any of our venues.

Your Details:


Male   Female

Minimum age for a Beginners' Course is 10
Minimum age for a Taster Session is 8
A junior archer (age 17 or under) must have a responsible adult stay with them throughout every archery session they attend.

Please note this information is required by Archery GB but is not used by the club itself.

Pick at least one:
Beginners' Course
Taster Session

Contact Details:

For juniors (17 and under) contact details can be for yourself or a responsible adult.

Other Responsible Adult

Whilst archery is a very safe sport when performed correctly, as with any activity various unexpected incidents may happen, even non-archery related. Please supply name and phone number of someone to be contacted if needed:


Equipment Selection:

To enable us to select the appropriate equipment for the student, please provide the following details:

Left   Right
E.g. Which eye do you normally use to look through a telescope?
Left   Right

Feet Inches

Fingertip to fingertip with arms held out horizontally to each side
Please measure carefully. This measurement is used to ensure you get safe and suitable archery equipment. If you enter an incorrect value, the equipment we will select based on this measurement may not be suitable or safe for you. This could mean that you may not be able to shoot, if we are unable to supply a safe alternative at short notice.

Health Declaration:

Please indicate any health conditions that your coach should be aware of.

E.g. heart condition; asthma; diabetes; epilepsy; arthritis; conditions affecting joints/muscles;
eyesight limitations; any mental conditions like: autism, ADHD, asperga's, dimentia, Alzheimer's
physical limitations or wheelchair user, etc.
These will not usually stop you from shooting if you are physically and mentally able to do so safely,
we just need to be aware for your wellbeing and safety.

If you don't have any health issues please enter: None in the first box

Please inform us of any medical allergies below (e.g. penicillin, plasters, bee stings, etc.). Also state if you normally carry an EpiPen for your allergies.
(Only include any food allergies if you get a severe reaction that may need medical assistance.)


Consent Section:

Archery training may require some limited appropriate physical contact e.g. to guide position of arms and fingers, or adjust your posture. Your coach will explain the need for any such contact.

Yes   No

Please inform your coach if you feel uncomfortable about any contact you receive.

We would occasionally like to take photographs during your archery sessions. These may be used for our website, Facebook page or advertising of Targeting Archery.

Yes   No

For juniors, we won't put full names on any public media, only first names (or none at all).

Some areas of the outside range are uneven with possible small pot holes. Care must be taken on the range at all times.
No liability or claims against Targeting Archery will be accepted in the event of injury or occurring due to ground conditions.

Yes   No
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