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Beginners' Courses 2017

Targeting Archery runs Beginners' Courses throughout the year. Under my experianced guidence, new archers reach the standard for their Archery Certificate in a nice friendly and relaxed environment. Below you will find some photographs from some course sessions in 2017.

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Targeting Archery archery photograph


For some light relief in session four of the course which happened to be on Easter week, I put up a chocolate egg as a target. It survived the first end, but ....

Targeting Archery archery photograph

... Bob has no trouble hitting the target at the next end. He looks happy enough, but the arrow got rather sticky as a result of his archery skills.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

Hayleigh already looks pleased with her archery in just her first session.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

Ash enjoys a bit of fun during one course session by showing the new archers how to shoot using the jelly bow and sucker arrow.

Maybe he should have started his lesson by standing on the shooting line, though!

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