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Come and Shoot March 2017

Photos of some interesting events during the evening Come-and-Shoot session in March 2017

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Targeting Archery archery photograph

Tony shoots a rare "Robin Hood".

To top it off, the first arrow is also in the 10.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

Here is Tony beside his Robin Hood end

Mark also had a great evening shooting.

As it happened, he had seen another archer's grouping earlier in the session and said he wished he could group like that. But by the time he shot his last few ends, he had improved his technique and put together 4 really imressive ends of grouped arrows. See below for some of these.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

This was Mark's first end of impressive arrows.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

Even after this first end, you can see how please Mark was with the results.

Targeting Archery archery photograph

To confirm that first end wasn't a fluke, Mark shot this set of 6 arrows in the very next end.

With his confidence now high, he concluded the session with two more ends just as good as these.

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