FITA Rounds

Standard metric target

FITA rounds use metric systems, so distances are in meters and target faces are in centimetres.

Standard Metric Target
Target faces use the 10 point scoring system, so each colour band on the target face has two scoring zones, as follows (centre to outer edge):

109 87 65 43 21

There is one complication. Looking closely at the yellow centre, you will see there are three sections to it. For compund bows, only the innermost circle scores 10 points and the outer two score 9. For other bow types, the two inner circles score 10 points and the outer yellow scores 9.

The size of the target varies depending on the type of round being shot and whether this in an indoor or outdoor event.

Vegas target

Vegas target

The Vegas target is different to the normal 10-zone metric target, made up of three targets in triangular formation. One arrow is shot at each target in turn, bottom-left, top, bottom-right. Scoring is as follows (centre to outer edge):

109 8 7 6


This type of face is designed to avoid damage to arrows by skilled archers, as there is less chance of hitting a previous arrow (a "Robin Hood") when one arrow is shot at each target like this. There is a similar face where the three targets are in a straight line vertically down, as opposed to the Vegas triangular format.


A full round is often shot over several different distances (particularly outdoor). In these cases you shoot at the longest distance first, then progress to the next longest and so on. Some rounds start off using a larger sized target and finish using a smaller target. The same number of arrows is shot at each distance, and these are usually counted in dozens, so a 3 dozen end will consist of 36 arrows. See below for distances, target sizes and number of arrows shot. There are traditionally gentlemen, ladies and junior rounds, but this tends to be more the norm at competitions and anyone can actually shoot any type of round as preferred during practice.

FITA Indoor Rounds

Dozens of arrows shot at each distance/target using 10-zone face (except for 3-spot triangle rounds):

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Target Size:

80cm60cm40cm3 Spot TriangleMax Score
Stafford6   720
FITA 25 5  600
FITA 18  5 600
Combined FITA 55 1200
Match Round   1 120
Vegas   5600

FITA Outdoor Rounds

Dozens of arrows shot at each distance/target using 10-zone face:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Target Size:

122cm 80cmMax Score
FITA Gents33      3 3   1440
FITA Ladies 33     3 3   1440
FITA Cadet Ladies  33     33   1440
FITA 900           900
FITA 70M 6            720
FITA 60M  6           720
Standard Bow   3 3        720