Q: Is archery safe?

A: Archery is indeed a very safe sport when performed correctly. I am a level 2 Archery GB qualified coach and an Archery GB Talent Coach with plenty of years of coaching experience with adults, children and disabled archers. All of this is performed in an approved location for safe archery.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Each club member is required to be individually registered with Archery GB through the club which then provides their own insurance. An annual Archery GB fee applies (collected in September to be paid before October 1st)

Q: Can anyone take part?

A: Almost anyone can take part in archery. However, children should be at least 8 years old to join the club (youger archers may be able to shoot with our parent company, Targeting Archery). Many disabilities can also be catered for (including wheelchair users). However you should notify me in advance so I can ensure the disabled archer can be suitably catered for here (the outside field can get soft when wet and not suitable for wheelchairs, for example) and also so I can be sure I have any specialist equipment available that might be needed for the session.

Q: Can I leave my child with you and collect at the end?

A: No. Where juniors archers (under 18) are involved, I require a responsible person (minimum 18 year old) to supervise throughout the whole session. One responsible person for up to four children is acceptable.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Payments may be made in cash, cheque or by bank transfer. Contact Karen for details.

  • Archery GB / YAA / NCAS fees must be paid by 1st October each year so are collected in September.
  • A fee is payable at the start of each club session. This will be replaced by the Club Fee in time.
  • Club fees, when introduced, will be due in March each year.

Q: Are there any special clothing requirements for archery?

A: There are a few clothing rules that should be adhered to:

  • For outside events wear clothing suitable for the conditions of the day.
  • For sunny days, don't forget sun screen and good quality sunglasses if preferred.
  • For cold days, we recommend layering up of clothing.
  • Whatever the conditions, clothing should be comfortable, but not be too loose so as to get caught in the bow string.
  • No loose articles of clothing or jewellery that may get caught.
  • No hoodies allowed.
  • Footwear must be strong and fully enclose the toes. Walking into a arrow that is partially buried in the grass can be extremely dangerous, so ensure all footwear is made of a rugged material with no open-toes.
  • Archery etiquette requires that shoulders and tummies must be covered.
  • No logos on display with offensive or inappropriate slogans or designs.

I reserve the right to refuse archery to anyone whose clothing does not confirm to the above requirements.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I will try to assist wherever possible.